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Should Garrison be a pathway to Savannah Arts?


Putting parents at odds, several their voiced concerns Wednesday during the Savannah Chatham School Board meeting about a proposal that would make Garrison a pathway school to Savannah Arts.

Garrison students would be given pre-lottery consideration.

There is major disagreement between parents at Savannah Arts and Garrison. Today parents had a chance to express their concerns to the board about whether Garrison students should have special consideration when applying to Savannah Arts.

While there is currently no proposal on the superintendent's desk at this time, the board amended the agenda to hear parents and clear any misconceptions.

"We want Savannah-Chatham Schools to recognize Garrison as a pathway school," said Garrison PTA President, Chris Lowry.

Garrison Parents and members of the PTA are urging the board of education to consider a resolution to allow students who qualify for Savannah Arts both academically and artistically be given a pre-lottery consideration

"Garrison is the only visual and performing arts middle school in Savannah," said Lowry. "Our kids spend up to 9 years in this visual and performing arts program they can, then get the highest level academically. Our school is ranked number two in Georgia in academics and they can reach the level artistically, then they are subject to the lottery."

Savannah Arts parents don't agree and believe every child should have an equal chance.

"All students from Chatham County should go through the same academic process of test scores and GPA and go through the audition process, as it has been over the years," said Savannah Arts parent Dan Vacala.

School enrollement is currently under way for the 2014-2015 school year.

School officials say this will not affect the upcoming year.

If something were to be discussed or passed, it wouldn't happen until the next board meeting in March.

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