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Editorial Salute - 2/06/14

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Savannah has lost a true gentleman and leader, a man of great stature, community involvement, and service.  Former Savannah Mayor, The Honorable Floyd Adams, Jr., passed away here last Saturday.

First elected to Savannah City Council in 1982, he was then re-elected, before going on to become the City's Mayor.  At his 1996 inaugural address, before a very large crowd, Mayor Adams made one thing very clear from the start, when he said (quote): "My race, or gender for that matter, has no bearing on how well I can lead Savannah."  And with that, he set the all-inclusive tone of his manner, his policies, and beliefs, that became the consistent and laudable hallmark of his city leadership-tenure.  As quoted this week in the Savannah Morning News, veteran State Representative Mickey Stephens noted that (quote):  "Floyd was (simply) Savannah's mayor… he was everybody's mayor."

And that he most certainly was, determined to emphasize bridging-qualities, unifiers, like character, rather than potential-dividers like heritage, color,  religion or social class, choosing to echo that profound guiding-light- sentiment and commitment, passed down to us by Dr. King.  Desiring to continue his public service, even beyond the demanding years of his mayoral-terms, Floyd would later go on to be elected to the Savannah-Chatham School Board in 2008.

The supportive and comforting wishes of the Greater Savannah community go to his loving family at this time of deep loss.  We thank them for sharing him, with us all.  As he rests now above, with Almighty God, we say, thank you, Floyd.  You made a real and positive difference, in Savannah, and beyond.  Thank you, sir, for a life lived to benefit others, and for a job, very well done.

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