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Beason qualifies for 6th Congressional District election

Scott Beason. Source: WBRC video Scott Beason. Source: WBRC video

One political expert says the candidate field for Alabama's 6th Congressional District could make for a very interesting race.

Scott Beason, Chad Mathis, current state Rep. Paul DeMarco, Will Brooke, Gary Palmer, Tom Vigneulle and Robert Shattuck have qualified to run for the 6th District seat.

Friday, Beason filed his qualifying papers. There was much speculation earlier this week about his political future after he announced he would not seek re-election in the Alabama State Senate.

"I was very clear that I said that my time on the state senate was over and this is a fantastic opportunity to represent the people," said Beason.

In 2012 Beason lost the Congressional race to incumbent Congressman Spencer Bachus who is not running for re-election.

Beason said his grassroots effort will change the game this go around.

"If I could I would talk to every single person in the 6th congressional district and I'm firmly convinced if I can send a little time with them they would see fit to send me to congress," said Beason.

Natalie Davis is a political expert with Birmingham Southern College. She weighed in on Beason's political past and what that might mean for him.

"He was really taken to task for you know being wired by the feds and then not making good on whatever it was they expected of him," said Davis.

Beason wore the wire during a federal investigation of state lawmakers accused of taking bribes for favorable bingo votes. On that recording he called African Americans "aborigines".

It's something he later apologized for.

"He's got a lot of energy. He's got a message. He's got history that he will probably, certainly try to defend and to argue in favor of," Davis said.

Davis said she thinks this is going to be an interesting race considering the mix of contenders.

"Paul Demarco, in the legislature, very popular. Chad Mathis, who is a physician, has raised a lot of money. Brad Brook who is running is an executive from Harvard Corp. This primary will have a lot of money on the table. We're going to see a lot of ads and we'll just have to see," said Davis. 

The primaries are set for June 3, 2014.

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