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US Surgeon General Visits Savannah

Surgeon general Dr. Richard Carmona. Surgeon general Dr. Richard Carmona.

This is the time of year, health experts are usually encouraging everyone, young and old, to get a flu shot. But with a severe shortage of the vaccine, the message this year is completely the opposite. Tonight, the US surgeon general is in Savannah to discuss the problem.

Surgeon general Dr. Richard Carmona said he wants to reassure people, especially those at high risk--seniors and people with chronic diseases--that they will be able to get their flu shots this year.

"We feel that we should be able to, and what's happening is that [vaccine manufacturer] Aventis Pasteur is making about 3 million doses per week," Dr. Carmona said. "As those doses are made, they are distributed throughout the country, based on the need identified by your local expertise, you local public health doctors."

Tonight on THE News at 11, we'll more on the surgeon general's advice for those at risk from the flu.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,

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