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Family and friends say goodbye to 6-year-old hit and run victim

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Family and friends said goodbye Saturday to six-year-old Shaud Wilson, who was killed in a hit and run crash on Monday.

"I'd much rather have my grandson back," said Shaud's grandfather Lloyd Goeloe. "I'd give anything, even my own life, to have him back."

At the funeral, faces were stained with tears.

Family and friends filed in to the Church of New Orleans, holding this children close, to pay respects to a boy who touched so many lives in his short six years of life.

"People from all over the world have showed us love in our trying times," Goeloe said.

The outpouring of support from friends and donations from strangers moved by Shaud's story helped the family put together the memorial service and pay for the medical bills for Shaud's sister who survived the crash.

"I'm just grieving right now, and I'm trying to help my family heal," Goeloe said.

Shaud's grandfather said just two days before his death Shaud was playing football as an aspiring quarterback.

His life was taken from him as he headed to his bus stop Monday before school.

Goeloe said two of Shaud's siblings had already crossed the street, and Shad's mother was watching them from their porch.

Goeloe said the family members all saw the terrible crash.

A nearby business's surveillance camera captured the incident.

The video shows a car slowing down to let Shaud and his sister pass, but as they start to cross a gray Honda comes along in the right lane and strikes the two children.

"He left the scene and the manner in which he left the scene was just, I don't know, irresponsible would be a kind word to say," said Goeloe.

Goeloe says total forgiveness for the driver may be possible down the line.

"I would hope that he would be able to come forward and maybe be able to help some other young individuals who still may be out there with no regard for life," said Goeloe.

According to our partners at | The Times Picayune, the arrest report says 22-year-old Arthur Toledano confessed his involvement in the hit and run.

Toledano's bond is set at $150,000 for manslaughter, $75,000 for attempted manslaughter and $50,000 for hit and run.

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