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Riverkeeper studies fire pollution response

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Firefighters dumped an estimated 10,000 gallons a minute for more than seven hours Saturday to put out a massive fire at a warehouse full of rubber at the Port of Savannah.

Sunday, the Savannah Riverkeeper, Tonya Bonitatibus, set out on the river to find out where all that water went.

"I'm actually really happy with what we've seen today," she said after a tour of the water along the fire site.

There was no chemical sheen on the water. Foam used to fight the fire was trapped inside floating booms.

"The operation seems to be going really smoothly," Bonitatibus said.

Booming extending more than a football field's length along the docks, floating on the water.

"A lot of the material that comes off (the fire) is just going to flow right on the surface of the water," Bonitatibus said. "So all they have to do is capture it and treat it from there."

Bonitatibus commended firefighters for juggling conflicting challenges -- putting out the fire and protecting the environment.

"These guys have got to be exhausted," she said. "They fought a really big battle and they did a really good job. So pat a firefighter on the back when you see them."

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