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Money Wise--Produce and Prices

All those good fruits and veggies of the summer may be a thing of the past for now, but there are some different items coming into season that are just as tasty. At Polk's Fresh Produce in Savannah, the place is packed. The hottest item in the market: apples.

And the price right now is pretty hot too. "When they come in from from the East Coast--Virginia, North Carolina--they get down to 79, 99 cents a pound," said Jerry Polk.

And, since we're right in the middle of the apple picking season, Polk says you can expect your apples to be really special. "The kind that, when you bite it, it'll spit in your eye."

And on top of that great taste, you can also get apples for a great price. The best deals will be $1 or less per pound.

Something else that's in season this year is citrus. But you won't find a plentiful selection this time of year like you did last year. And that's due primarily to the hurricanes that hit Florida.

Unfortunately, consumers will have to pay the price. "We're probably going to have to double from last year to start off," said Polk.

But on the flip side, those prices should go down as the citrus season continues. In the meantime though, don't forget you can also find good deals on several other fruits and vegetables including, greens, potatoes, mushrooms and grapes.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,

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