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Fireman was in the right place at the right time

Asst. Fire Chief Ruben Jordan Asst. Fire Chief Ruben Jordan

Firefighters were quickly on the scene of a fire in the 1900 block of Melrose Drive. Traffic blocked at intersection of Valencia and Melrose; but one man was in the right the place at the right time.

An Albany firefighter on his way to work ended up helping a man out of a burning home. But before the first engines got there, that smoke caught the attention of one Albany firefighter on his way to work.

"When I got here I saw heavy flames on the back side of the structure," said Asst. Fire Chief Ruben Jordan. 

Jordan soon learned the home wasn't empty. "The son who lived at the house was still in the house. And he had gotten disoriented," Jordan said. "When I got up to the up the steps, he was coming out of the structure, and we got him some medical attention."

And just in time, too. Freddy Hudson was suffering from signs of smoke inhalation and was rushed to Phoebe Putney Hospital.

Meanwhile, firefighters put out the blaze that burned more than half the home. The damage could have been worse but Hudson was glad his mother wasn't home when the fire started. 

"It just so happened that his mother had to go to the doctor, so it could have been much worse," Jordan said. 

Albany firefighters are still working to determine the cause.   One thing that is known is an alert member of their department was able to help save a life.



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