Voter Registration Glitch Creates Headaches

What was suppose to be a matter of convenience has turned into a nightmare for some Low Country voters. A number of people filled out a voter registration application at the DMV quite a while ago, but somehow their application didn't get processed. Now, they're having to take extra steps to make sure their vote counts on November 2.

"People will call and start screaming and no one intentionally tried to get them not to vote," said Agnes Garvin, voting director in Beaufort County. "It was probably a human error along the lines."

Michael and Carol Barnes registered to vote at the DMV last December and never received their voter registration cards.

"I was not a very happy individual when I found out I may not be able to vote," said Michael. "Voting to us is very important. It's one of these things people have fought and died for. It's our right and everyone should vote."

Despite the trouble, residents who filled out the application for voter registration before the October 2 deadline will be able to vote in this November's election.

"It is something we can fix and something we're making every effort to attempt to fix," said Garvin.

The catch is they need to call the DMV and have them fax over their application, or they need to pick up their application and bring it to the Beaufort County Voter Registration Office.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,