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Editorial - 2/10/14

Well on the way to the divided, dysfunctional, dependent lemming-nation of the destructive, Alinsky-leftist dream, now still more disturbing reality.

With foolhardy-Colorado in mind, according to a Columbia University study, in 2010, drugs accounted for over 28% of traffic fatalities, a rate on the rise, with marijuana the biggest reason.  While alcohol still causes 40% of traffic deaths, add marijuana to the mix and the fatal-risk becomes 24-times greater than driving sober.  Dangerous news for users, and the innocent motorists they hit.  Since 1999, fatal motor-vehicle accidents involving marijuana have tripled.  Remember that amidst the absurd-push to further legalize recreational marijuana. 

The Postal Service is seeking supplier-proposals for "assorted small arms ammunition," no doubt culminating in very large purchases, continuing the Fed's obvious stockpiling.  The Postal folks must be expecting a citizen-revolt over those suspicious "forever" stamps.  Perhaps the most ridiculous piece of all this Executive Branch ammo-hoarding, was the reported 45-thousand round, hollow-point purchase, in 2012, by the National Weather Service!  The alibi, always given, for keeping ammo scarce, and thus away from citizens, is target practice. Paper targets are, clearly, not hollow-point's intent!   Acquisition throughout the administrative-agencies takes the spotlight off Homeland Security, the coordinator for the collective 2-billion rounds, Fed-purchased, over the last two years alone!  From over-zealous marijuana use, to a federalized-fortress, apparently envisioning a fight against its own civilians, we're betraying our founders intent of a common-sense, rule-of-law, citizen-centric republic, not a kingdom. 

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