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Woman looking for a relationship turns to Sugar Daddy website


People look for love in all sorts of places. Online seems to be the hottest spot, especially when you're looking for a Sugar Daddy. You've heard of the sites, right? Sign up and find a wealthy man to fly you all over and pick up the tab.

The websites are attractive to women because they are connected with wealthy men they may not otherwise come in contact with, and the reverse is also true. One site gets straight to the point and boasts there's no beating around the bush.

Jessica, who only wants to be known by her first name, enjoys a flexible schedule. She models and does some other odd jobs. And like many women, the 29-year-old is looking for a lasting relationship.

"I like like to cook, I like to travel. I do yoga, I like to golf," Jessica said.

She's tried meeting men out and about and online. Seven months ago, Jessica set her sights on Seeking Arrangement.com.

"I'll just sign up for it and see what it's all about at first," Jessica said.

The website claims to connect women with wealthy men. She's called a Sugar Baby. The men are called Sugar Daddies. And there's also Sugar Mommies.

Both parties know what they're getting into up front: a mutually beneficial arrangement or relationship.

"I think people are way more honest on this site. I don't want a relationship, I'm only going to be able to see you once or twice a month, so you know that going into it," Jessica said. 

In the first few months, Jessica traveled with Sugar Daddies to Hawaii, Vegas, Miami and New York, received lavish gifts and receives an allowance for time spent with the men. She gets anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 a week.

"You get to do a lot better things, and the person that you date has understood they're going to help you out with some of your bills, or maybe buy you some nicer gifts or stuff like that," Jessica said.

Jessica says dating this way allows her to have a relationship, pay her bills and afford a more comfortable lifestyle.

"If I can kind of have my cake and eat it too and so can that person? Everyone's happy," Jessica said.

"There's the other side where people say this is legalized prostitution. What do you say to that?" reporter Jennifer Mayerle asked Jessica,

"I mean, so a guy buys you a really nice dinner or a guy takes you to McDonald's, there's a very fine line there. And I think that for some people on the site, it's something they kind of call pay for play, and that's basically what it is," Jessica said.

It's free to join for Sugar Babies. A standard Sugar Daddy or Mommy membership is $59.95 per month and up to $179.95 a month for a "diamond membership."

Jessica says she's sincere in wanting a relationship and is down to dating just one Sugar Daddy.

"I don't want to just be dating all these people. I think ultimately everyone's looking for that, it's just you kind of have to find your path to get there," Jessica said.

Jessica said she has run into married men who want to date her. She frowns at that.

We contacted Seeking Arrangement and asked if this is legalized prostitution.

"SeekingArrangement.com is not legalized prostitution because of the fact that a relationship is needed for the arrangement to work. If there is chemistry, then the arrangement will grow and prosper. Prostitution itself is black and white: the exchange of sex for money, no matter the participant," said Leroy Velasquez, manager of public relations.

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