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Classmates mourn for teen sisters killed in wreck

Students sign banners in remembrance of the Mosley sisters. Students sign banners in remembrance of the Mosley sisters.

Classmates of Amber and Beth Mosley wrote emotional farewells on a pair of banners outside Toombs County High.

The girls, 18 and 16 respectively, died from injuries in a car crash with a log truck Sunday afternoon.

The girls were driving south on U.S. Hwy-1 near GA-56 when they collided with a log truck as it jackknifed across both lanes of the road.

Both girls were members of the Red Coat Marching Band. Those students felt the deaths especially hard.

"Most people would look at something and see horror and darkness. Amber would look at it and see beauty and light. She saw the best in people, no matter what others said about them," said Amber's best friend Jasmin Pierce.

She got two calls from the girls' step-mother. The first was to tell them they'd been in the crash. The second was to say they had died.

"I didn't want to believe it because I had just talked to her the day before," she added.

News spread among the small student body Sunday afternoon and night.

"I was like, 'Facebook's wrong. I'm gonna see her tomorrow. Her black car is gonna pull up in the parking lot and park just like she always does.' Came to school and that was when reality sets in," stated bandmate Michaela Coursey.

School administrators addressed the girls' deaths in a school wide assembly Monday morning. Counselors were available on campus to help any students deal with the grief.

"I just hope none of us take life for granted and we all realize that life is short," noted senior Megan Meadows.

The crash remains under investigation by the Georgia State Patrol.

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