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Firefighting equipment contaminated at Ports Authority fire

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The massive fire at the Georgia Ports Authority took its toll on not only the warehouse, but also a lot of firefighting equipment, in some cases ruining key pieces of gear.  

Firefighters uniforms, boots and lots of fire hoses were all contaminated by the rubber that was burning in the building.

Fire officials didn't have an amount of ruined gear, but they say it was significant.  

The fire destroyed the north end of the building, burning less than half of the 5,600 tons of rubber that was stored in there.

"A lot of our turnout gear was contaminated just because of the melting rubber that they were involved in during the fire operation when they were retrieving their gear," said Savannah Fire Spokesperson Mark Keller.

According to Keller, the decontamination process is already underway. As for replacing the gear that's been contaminated, Keller said, "It depends on how the decontamination process goes."

Officials with the fire department are not sure how much it would cost to replace the items, but they say it would be costly. 

However, for firefighters whose clothing were ruined, they do have extra uniforms.

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