InSITE--Total Wastes of Time

I want to start with some facts, one that you may actually use in a morbid way. Dead or Alive answers those questions we're usually afraid to ask in public about famous people. Are they still with us? It starts with a little feature, about someone recently deceased, in this case actress Janet Leigh and her connection to also gone, Alfred Hitchcock. Then a list of the recently dearly departed, when they shuffled off this mortal coil, age, and why they're famous. Look over to the narrow left side of this page. Obvious, alphabetical list so you can look someone up by name. But scrolling down you can also look up birthdays, death days, and lots of statistics on life and death. There are even quizzes so you can test your knowledge.

For something a lot lighter, but still just strange. A page of teddy bears, stacked in a nice, neat pyramid. Until you move your mouse. They come tumbling down, wherever you move. Don't worry. When you move again, they bounce back up into the pyramid. No, there is no point to this.

Here's one that takes some skill, and a lot of time. It's actually art. Go right to the pictures, plenty to choose from, I stick with simple. Like the frog. Old fashioned color by number in a high tech world. Click the color, then click the matching number on the drawing and fill it in. Sometimes it's tough to read the numbers, but keep filling 'til the block at the bottom goes away. It times you, and you can zoom in and stuff.

Here's a bizarre site in German. You're drunk, and supposed to walk home. Move your mouse the way you want to walk, try a straight line. I just can't do it, but I can't waste enough time to practice.

One more from Google. Just in time for Easter. The little hopping bunny at the bottom of the screen, with a basket. Make him catch the falling eggs. But there's a catch. You have to spell "Google," one egg at a time. They get faster the better you get, so you can spend... or waste... more time on line.