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Screven County hit with power outages

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Around Screven County, limbs and branches crashing down due to icing conditions on Wednesday.

An estimated 80 percent of the county remains without power.

Most of the roads are open, but the Screven County Sheriff's Office is asking people to shelter in place and know that help is on the way as fast as they can.

Few places are open due to the weather. Two stores right across the street from each other Moats IGA supermarket and the Ross Pharmacy are open.

"Well, our power was out, so we headed in, the main way was blocked so we had to go all the way around. Some of those roads were nasty, but we made it," said Jenny Daley, who works at Ross Pharmacy.

A couple of brave souls picked up some final items this morning before the rain turned to ice.

"I mean, we do not get this kind of weather down here in Sylvania like this ice and snow, and this sleet. I think this year has been the worst year so far for weather," said Gloria Counts, who works at Moats IGA supermarket.

Schools were closed, government buildings were closed and the streets were ghost towns.

Both Ross Pharmacy and moats had to close when the power went out, but plan on opening as soon as they can. 

Serving this community is what these stores do. They have a bond with this town, which is more than you can say about the relationship they have with the weather.

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