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Minimally invasive procedure relieves chronic sinus infections


A sinus infection can be a painful experience, but one woman in Middle Tennessee is hoping to beat the sinus pressure for good with a new procedure.

Julie Johnson has been dealing with sinus infections for years.

"Pressure in my face, my teeth start to ache, ear infections. I started to lose hearing from fluid that builds up," Johnson said.

She says two or three times a month, she'll experience significant pain that is at times so bad, she'll have to miss work.

"I'm miserable. Even though I'm afraid of the procedure, I have to do it," Johnson said.

The procedure is called "balloon sinus dilation." It's minimally invasive and can be done in a doctor's office.

"By inflating the balloon, you can manipulate the bone of the sinus opening and allow for better air exchange with the world," said Dr. James Roth, an ear, nose and throat specialist in Dickson.

Roth says the procedure takes less than 90 minutes and allows doctors to expand the sinus pathway.

Roth said it's been a few months after her surgery, and Johnson is now doing better. It's easier for her to breathe and she has less sinus pressure.

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