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Cleanup continues around Statesboro

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Residents in Statesboro are dealing with power outages and the possibility of trees landing on their homes.

Georgia Power crews say the majority of residents along North Main Street are without power. Ice laden pine trees line the road, many of which are breaking and falling into yards and onto powerlines.Crews say the pine trees are causing the power outages.

Georgia Power told customers here that power will be restored sometime Thursday night, but once that's fixed,  there's still a big mess of debris to clean up. They said people should wait a couple of days before trying to pick up those tree limbs.

Several residents in the Statesboro area have said they have been without power since Wednesday.

For those households solely depend on electricity for water, appliances and cooking, the outage has been detrimental. Others whose homes also on gas said they are able to manage for a couple of days.

"Well, we've been trying to stay warm- we do have fireplaces so we've been keeping the fire going," said Earl Dabbs of Statesboro.  

"We have gas heat and we have gas water heaters, so it makes it a little easier for us," said Daniel Luckett of Statesboro.  

WTOC found a local tree service making their rounds to help folks clean up the debris in their yard.

Charles Walker, owner of Walker's Total Tree Service, says the clean up process right now is still very dangerous because limbs are still breaking off trees. He says folks need to wait until all the ice melts before they try to cut down limbs and pick up the debris in their yards.

"Because of the ice that's still in the limbs, it's too dangerous," said Charles Walker. "They are breaking off and it's just not worth the risk."

Walker says he's been really busy these last couple of days, trying to help folks clear their yards but he says a lot of his jobs are just going to have to wait.

"The limbs that are breaking off are covered in ice and the weight of them are breaking off," said Walker.

It didn't take WTOC long to find people who have been victims of their own pine trees.

"We had one major limb fall early this morning and it knocked down some power lines," said Daniel Luckett.  

Luckett's yard, like many others, is full of debris and once the ice melts businesses like Walker Total Tree Service will be even busier.

"We've probably looked at ten [yards] today and taken care of two, we just can't do the rest of them," said Walker.

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