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Hampton County residents thankful for electricity again

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There are still about 1,000 people still in the dark in Hampton County, but many people are celebrating a lot of things Friday: the sun, Valentine's Day and the fact that they finally have electricity again.

Tree limbs still lay scattered along the roads leading into the quiet town of Brunson.

You'll see even more sitting in the front yards, and even in through the houses.

"A lot of elderly out here who can't do all this work so we've been going door-to-door asking if they need help. All the surrounding areas, they pretty trashed," said freelance tree remover Benjamin Crapse.  

The storm knocked out the power and phone line from Chloe Bishop's house on Wednesday.

"And I'm on oxygen so it's been kind of rough making sure I had oxygen, but my pastor let me use his generator," said Bishop.  

Bishop's 76-year-old landlord, Robert Belger, is waiting for SCE&G to turn off service so he can put the power line back.  

"Hopefully it'll be today, but we not absolutely sure," said Belger.  

For those who have gotten their power back, they say it's changed their perspective.

"It was only a day and a half but you don't realize how much electricity means to you until you don't have it," said county resident Vickie Reynolds.

And they say the next time this happens, they'll prepare in advance.

"Oh absolutely, I'll be watching the weather if they start talking about it dipping down in the South like that again," added her husband, Ronnie.  

Power crews are hoping to restore service no later than tomorrow morning to all of Hampton County.

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