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Local businesses still impacted by winter storm

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Businesses in the Savannah area are still being impacted by the winter storm.

Places like Home Depot are out of supplies, like generators and heaters, because they are sending these supplies north.

Home Depot officials say they were slammed last week as people bought supplies for the winter weather and whatever supplies they had left, they shipped to other areas still affected by the storm.

The home improvement chain in Pooler sold their last generator on Thursday. Officials say a man drove nine hours from North Carolina just to pick it up because he was expecting to be without power for nearly a week.

Home Depot said they will eventually re-stock with heaters and generators but they don't know when. 

Right now, the demand is so high for these items and Home Depot stores up north get first priority. However, they still have supplies like flashlights, firewood and batteries.

WTOC found one couple who was without power for three days and already stocking up on supplies in case round three of winter weather blasts through the south again.

Linda Davis and her husband said they depended on their kerosene heater all week.

Home Depot officials say they recommend customers use kerosene heaters only if you keep the windows open in your home.

You can also use what's called Klean Heat, it's healthier to breath than kerosene. The Davis family said they know the risks of using kerosene heaters indoors and they were very careful.

"We had it on the linoleum floor, not near carpet or furniture of any kind," said Davis. "We had it in the center of a room and it wasn't touching anything."

Home Depot officials recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home if you plan to use this type of heater.

Davis said she will use the kerosene heater again if we get another winter storm and she also has invested in a lantern.

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