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Crews work hard to restore power in Screven County

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Severe weather in Screven County left most people without power.

Crews said they're working night and day to get through the damage and get service restored.

The ice and freezing cold may be gone. But the damage it left will last much longer.

Crews from Planters EMC worked on power lines, repairing some and replacing the rest. They're trying to restore power to people who haven't had lights or water since Wednesday night.

Resident Daisy Kittles can't wait to have her power back on.

"I will be so happy," said Kittles. "I will be jumping for joy. That's how happy I'll be. I'll be able to go in my kitchen and cook and I'll have running water."

Local workers have been working almost non-stop since Wednesday. They were working in places like Buttermilk Road Friday, making repairs to poles and getting fallen lines off the ground.

In many places, those primary lines stretch through the woods. Crews said they're working as hard as they can.

They admit that progress has been slow.

"Sometimes we have to cut trees just to get out trucks down the road," said Johnny Becton with Planters EMC. "Then we have to get trees off the lines and they're steady falling still."

Other crews have come from EMC's in North Georgia where they saw snow, but no damage from ice.

"Now we're making progress," said Becton. "We've got 70 additional men from north Georgia and south Georgia and their trucks. We're making progress. We just ask people to be patient with us."

Some watched as the line crews worked and learned from the ordeal.

"This is an eye opening experience, and you can take inventory and be grateful for the things that you have," said Kittles' daughter Rachel Toy.  

The ironic thing is many of these crew members are also EMC customers themselves and their houses are without power as well.

They said they're in just as much a hurry to get the lights back on as anybody else.

As of 5:40, Planters had returned power to all but 3,500 in Screven County. A manager said they hope to get repairs to the main feeder lines over the weekend and get more homes restored.

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