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Tree shuts down road and power in Guyton

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The Effingham County Sheriff's Office says George Hurst Road will remain closed until crews can remove a tree that fell on a power line. Residents in the area just recovered from the winter storm and now they are out of power again.

Salena Fort says her family finally got their power restored Friday, but when they got up this morning, it was out again.

"When we looked out on the porch, this 35 foot pine tree had collapsed," said Fort.

Fort says she thought her life was just getting back to normal. Then, she was back to square one, with no power, no water, and no time to prepare, all because a tree fell from the edge of her yard across the road.

She says she was not surprised because Planters EMC, her electricity company, had already marked it as a tree that needed to be cut down.

"It had already been marked for a little over three weeks and it hadn't been cut," said Fort.   

Fort says she was expecting the tree to fall earlier this week since many of the trees were breaking from being covered with thick ice.  But, the tree met its demise from the gusty winds that followed this winter storm.

"It just picked up where the ice left off," said Fort.  

Now, she says, it could be a few more days before she will be able to take a hot shower and watch television.

"We are just going to hunker back down in the main living room and shut everything off from the kitchen and turn the fire place on," said Fort.

Planters EMC says they will have to come back and restore that power but they still have nearly 6,000 customers in Georgia without power from the winter storm. Officials say they are hoping to have most of those outages restored by Tuesday.

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