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Family wants barrier up after car crashed into their house

A Willmington Island family is asking county officials to do something about the Walthour Rd and Penn Waller Rd intersection, after a pickup truck crashed into their house Saturday night.
According to Southside Fire, the driver of a grey Ford pickup truck was driving east on Penn Waller, and instead of turning onto Walthour Rd the driver kept going traight into Laura Castellano's yard. The truck hit the family's boat, the house, and broke the gas meter.
"The gas was actually pouring out, and the car was smoking and  there was a real concern that there might be some ignition," said Castellano. "Everybody kept saying, it's going to exploded!"
Luckily, it didn't. But, this is becoming too familiar for this family. They moved in the house in 2006, and someone has crashed into their yard or house five times now. Six weeks before Saturday's wreck, someone crashed into the boat.
"It's frightening that your house keeps getting hit, and you know the sound now that it's happened a couple times," she said.
"It's actually pretty crazy, and really it's quite dangerous," said Castellano's neighbor, Greg Terrell.  "A lot of people don't stop, so it's really kind of a dangerous intersection to tell you the truth."
Castellano says she'd like to see the county put some kind of barrier up to keep people from driving into her yard.
"I don't believe if I put a fence or anything like that it would even slow them down enough, because at the rate of speed they're traveling," Castellano said. "There needs to be some type of guardrail or something."
Castellano says she hasn't officially spoken to county officials about the issue, but after Saturday's wreck, that's now her top priority.
As for the driver who ran into her house Saturday, he was arrested and charge with DUI and failure to stop at a stop sign.

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