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Editorial - 02/17/14

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With Congress, especially the Senate, choosing blissful-sedation over  meaningful reaction, the Executive Branch has been passively-allowed, to run roughshod over its Legislative counter-part, effectively dismembering the Constitution's separation of powers.    

The most extreme, current-example of trampling Constitutional separation,  is the assumption of total executive-control over the misconceived, misrepresented, Affordable Care Act, as the White House has now been  repeatedly delaying provisions, ignoring the rule-of-law, while generating confusion and uncertainty throughout the public sector, and clearly, so, within the medical community!  All of these unilateral, self-imposed interpretations, orders, and delays are deemed unconstitutional extensions of power, since as everyone knows, or should, it's Congress that makes the laws of our land, and the only body authorized to amend them.  Freelance law-making from the Executive Branch is a serious breach, the very reason why our brilliant, forward-looking Founders created the separation of powers to begin with, envisioning the danger of one-branch, big-footing.

Thus, between the manipulation of the affordable-care-law, and other executive agency heavy-handedness, we're witnessing raw-politics over responsible-actions, and the seemingly-unopposed, dismantling of the separation of powers.  It's that critical Constitutional division of duties, and the over-arching rule-of-law that serves as the key firewall separating American liberty from tyranny. 

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