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Plastic bag ban gains steam in Chatham County

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Asmall movement across the country is gaining steam in Chatham County.

Themovement is an effort to ban plastic bags in markets, and in our case,restaurant to go bags.

Mondaywas no holiday for Ashley Workman, who's been trying to tackle the plastic bagpollution problem, one restaurant at a time.

Monday,in fact, was a big day in Workman's push to gocompletely plastic bag-less for restaurants. The flying fish is the firstrestaurant in Chatham County to do so.

"I'mvery excited," said Workman. "This restaurant is taking a huge move to pioneerthe plastic bag issues."

Workmanhas been in the service industry for 15 years, and while several restaurantssuch as Molly McPherson's, B&D Burgers and others have incorporated her reusablebags, this is the first restaurant to totally take plastic bags off the menu.

Workmansaid it just makes sense for us.

"Theamount of damage by single use plastic bags is so detrimental, especially for acoastal community," she said.

FlyingFish owner Mike McMahon said he wants to do his part and got a little nudgefrom home.

"Mydaughter is definitely a proponent," he said. "She's coming up in thisgeneration, so she's definitely been on me too."

Notonly does the Flying Fish help the environment, Workman supplies them withreusable bags with the restaurant logo on them.

"Byputting our bags into people's houses, it hopefully reminds us to come back andsee us again, so that's one of the good incentives too.  it's a win win,"said McMahon.

Ashleyadds, "We just have to adjust our thinking and our habits."

Ashleyis working with a committee to help write an ordinance for Tybee Island, andshe hopes to propose that to city council in the near future.

Workman is using San Francisco's ordinance as a guide.

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