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Cleanup efforts underway in Hampton County after winter storm


The cleanup efforts are still ongoing in Hampton County following last week's winter storm.

As you drive down countless streets in Hampton, piles of tree limbs are visible along the side of the road. Some piles measure several feet tall.

"I couldn't believe when I saw all the limbs, of course I had some help, if I didn't have help I don't think I could've gotten it done in one day, so many limbs dragging across," said resident Wade Freeman.

Down the street, neighbor Thomas Harvey was able to clean up most of the debris from his front and back yard. He said it's been a long time since the county has had such a severe storm.

"The limbs that broke off the trees, and you could hear them popping and cracking. We've got some that are five inches in diameter limbs," he said.  

Harvey collected a large pile by the side of his fence and has more in his backyard.

"We got about a third more to go," he said.  

Town employees have been collecting the tree limbs along the roads since the weekend and dumping them at a vacant lot across from the EOC building.

Once this area does get full, workers will start hauling off the debris to the local landfill. But as you can imagine, they'll be making a lot of trips before this is over.

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