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Port Royal residents tell car thieves to stay away

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A rash of car break-ins in Port Royal's Carolina Village neighborhood has people in the area on edge. 

According to Port Royal Police, the latest incident happened Sunday night. Police said someone broke into a Marine's minivan and drove it right out of his driveway.

"I'm frustrated," said Nathan Jensen. 

Last month, someone cut off the gas cap on Jensen's BMW, and Monday morning he and his wife woke up to their van missing from their driveway. 

Neighbors say the Jensen's aren't the first to have their car broken into.

"Almost every car on our street has been hit with break-ins," said Summer Whitaker. 

According to police, there have been about six break-ins in the past five weeks, but in most of those incidents, the doors were left unlocked. Jensen say their doors were locked.

"They ended up getting the valet key that's kept in the glove box to start the car," he said. "I don't know how they got in though."

"The fact that somebody would take advantage of the fact that our cars are on our property, in our driveways, is just unacceptable," said Whitaker.

Whitaker said the scary part was the people are doing this knowing that police officers live in the neighborhood, and everyone else are either retired Marines or still active duty.

Whitaker and her neighbors say they're not afraid to fight back.

"I'll do whatever I have to do to protect my family," said Whitaker.

Police were able to locate the Jensen's van Monday morning, and it only has a few dents and scratches on it.

Police believe the suspects were after guns, which is why the neighborhood has been a target lately, because of the officers and Marines who live there.

The suspects haven't been caught yet. 

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