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Beaufort Jasper Water Sewer Authority eliminates taste and odor issues

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There are a lot of happypeople served by theBeaufort Jasper Water Sewer Authority.This comes aftera two month battle to getrid of taste and odor issues withtheir water supply.  

Earlier Tuesday, water straight from the sink contained no taste or odorin it.  

A "Bad Water: Drink at Bar" sign has always been posted alongLuther's wall.

But soon the water issues stretched far beyond just the bar.

"It was about January when we really noticed the impact of it, Iguess when more people asking about it, we actually had people ask about itbefore they even sat down, they'd ask how our water was," said Luther'sco-owner Michael Stavac.

Stavac started using bottled water more to accommodate customers. At onepoint, he even had to buy some locally from another store after they sold out.

"Kind of an inconvenience, but whatever it takes to make them[customers] happy," said Stavac.

Back in December, a rare winter algae bloom in the Beaufort Jasper WaterSewer Authority's supply produced high levels of a chemical compound known asgeosmin, which caused the taste and odor isuses.

"It's a rare occurrence for us," said BJSWA CommunicationsManager Matthew Brady.

After taking its Chelsea reservoir offline and flushing out thousands ofhydrants in northern Beaufort County, the company announced it had finallycleared up the issue.

It's a big victory for employees, even if customers may not notice muchof a difference.

"It does have a little bit of a city water taste that it's beentreated but it tastes just fine," said customer Jean Davis.  

For the time being, the company is keeping its Chelsea Reservoir offlinein order to study the geosmin levels more and figure out how to prevent thisfrom happening again.

BJSWA will also install some equipment along its canals to monitor thealgae levels more closely.

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