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City of Beaufort prepares for downtown streetlight project

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After two years of discussionand planning, the city of Beaufort is getting ready to install more than 70 newstreetlights arounddowntown Beaufort. 

Some of them are in areas thathave never had a streetlight.   

Thewhole project has one goal in mind: safety

The street lighting project will start on Monday by theintersection of Bay and Carteret Street moving towards Charles Street.

The project covers a six block radius and willprovide more safety for employees who have to leave work late at night.

During the day, you probably don't pay muchattention to these streetlights in downtown Beaufort.

But when the sun goes down, people like JenniferLowery rely on them to get home safely.

"It gets a little nerve racking when you'rewalking down and you can't really see at the end of the street, I park all theway down at the marina. Sometimes it's a little too dark," she said. 

Lowery works as a waitress at Luther's and saysit's tough because they can't choose where they can park.

"Once you hit a certain spot to the edge ofthe street, there's no more light," added Lowery.

Co-owner Michael Stavac said they usually walktheir female employees out at night, but even he admits it's too darksometimes.

"It's bad, there's so many spots, like onWest Street. If you walk down West Street, there are all these little darknooks and crannies and alleyways where people can get behind you, you can't seeanything back there," he said.

Starting next week, city workers will beupgrading these outdated streetlamps. Altogether, they will install 71 newlights.

Crews will cut about 18 inches from the back ofthe curb line to update some of the electrical work. People will still haveaccess to the sidewalks and businesses will still be open.

The project will cost more than $450,000, butwhen it comes to safety, some say there's no price tag.

"I'm thrilled about it," said Stavac.

The street lighting project is expectedto take about three months. Main Street Beaufort is hosting a publicinformational meeting on Friday at the Verdier House starting at 8 a.m.  

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