City Council Not Agreed on Felser's Banking Ideas

Jeff Felser during last week's interview.
Jeff Felser during last week's interview.

Controversy's brewing on Savannah City Council. It started as a banking policy issue and now, aldermen are having a war of words.

Last week, Alderman Jeff Felser outlined for WTOC some changes he'd like to see in regard to how Savannah picks an official bank. After our story aired, his fellow council members sounded off in disapproval, saying Felser was speaking only for himself. One of them even called Felser "a nut case."

While he was talking to WTOC, he said, "We want to spread it around."

The word "we" has landed Felser into hot water with his peers, who don't all agree with him. "To try and pass off his ideas as those of Savannah City Council is a lie," said council member Ellis Cook. "He does not speak for me. He does not speak for city council, and he is not the mayor of Savannah. And he needs to realize that."

A number of other city leaders agreed with Cook, but not all of them characterized Felser the way he did

Felser declined an interview today, but told WTOC, "I respect everyone's opinion. I would never seek to call anyone a derogatory word."

Cook admits he may have gone too far with the "nut case" remark. "I think it was a little strong," Cook told us. "He makes mistakes. I make mistakes."

But Cook claims Felser's actions may be causing a divide inside the walls of city hall. "I don't know what his agenda is," Cook said, "but it's not in step with the rest of Savannah City Council."

City council will be getting a banking policy report from the finance department in the next few weeks. Many council members we spoke with say they doubt they will make any changes, but will wait until they see the reports before they make a final decision.

Reported by: Don Logana,