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Baxley hospital clarifies mass phone calls

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Phone calls began coming in to Appling Health Systems on Wednesday from people who said they'd gotten calls about their hospital.

Tina Johnson of Appling Health canvased employees to see if they'd gotten calls.

"What I got from them was they'd gotten recorded messages from a group called Better Georgia that was encouraging folks to support their local rural hospital," Johnson said.

Better Georgia is a political lobbying group that advocates for rural hospitals. In addition to political updates on any state legislation related to healthcare, they also ask for donations to help them continue lobbying.

"We're not sure if we have two things here and someone is misrepresenting themselves and soliciting donations, or if there's a misunderstanding over how the recorded message is worded," she noted.

Johnson stressed Appling Health System has no plans to close. She also stated the hospital has no fundraising campaign underway. Also, when they do, they do not utilize recorded calls.

However, she did not accuse Better Georgia of anything wrong with their calls.

"If you get one of those recorded calls, listen to it and contact your appropriate representatives to let them know you want them to support rural hospitals," she added.

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