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Residents warn about suspicious young door to door salespeople


Young adults, going door to door, told Savannah-ChathamMetro Policethey were leaving Chatham County aftercomplaints from residents on the islands who called them suspicious.

Now,there are reports of these suspiciousteens going door to door soliciting money for various reasons in Liberty and BryanCounties.

We posted the story on Facebook, and the experiences with these people are justpouring in. Within afew hours wewere told by a woman in Midway shegave the young adults a donation.

They wereselling magazines to send to our military overseas. Then, she said they asked for more money from hergrandfather who has Alzheimer's and lives with her. Shesaid no.

A Wilmington Islandman caught two other girls on video.

"Hi. What is it you are doing here?"

‘We are,  like, wehave to collect points in order to earn ourscholarship to study abroad, like, a Hopeto Heroes scholarship," the girl replied.

"It's very similar to thegirl who showed up at my door two days ago," anIsle of Hope woman said Wednesday.

We showed the Isle of Hopeneighbor the video, who wanted to remainanonymous, after her run in with a youngadult claiming to be practicing her public speakingcame to her door soliciting money.

"The story made nosense. These girls in the video had papersand documentation trying to make themselves look legitimate. The girl who came to my door had nothing to showme but the same sort of flighty, flakey, strange, erratic behavior and juvenile," she said.

Our Facebook pages show similar stories from Tampa, Floridato Midway, Georgia with young men and womentraveling alone, going door to door, but a white van seems to be involved.

Savannah-ChathamMetro Policedid question the two girls from the video and saidthey were legitimately selling magazines butdid not have a permit.

"No one is telling thesame story, not even to police. Police aren't getting the same story from when they are questioning,"the woman said.

Neighbors in each ofthese communities are still are on alert andnot very trusting.

"Something is fishy. With all the breakins and burglaries, to me, itjust felt like something was really off," she said.

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