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Editorial - 2/24/14

Big Fed tells us, repeatedly, with faux-concern, how deeply they care about our wants and needs, a pledge that's as pleasant and useful as backed-up sewage.  Realistically, the Feds can't, don't, and won't care. Genuine caring comes only from individuals.  Two examples:

In the midst of a recent snowstorm, a Manchester, New Hampshire ladder truck was heading back to the firehouse.  Those on-board happened to notice an elderly woman having great difficulty making her way across a very icy main street.  They stopped their truck, after pulling it in position to block any on-coming traffic.  Then a firefighter jumped down, and went to that woman's aid, securely-escorting her across that slick street.  Much easier to have kept right on going, but they didn't.  They took the time to help, to keep her safe, which doubtless, made her day.  The very kind of effort police, fire, and emergency medical teams make daily throughout our area.

Then this story of a 5-year old autistic California child, fascinated by garbage trucks after viewing one in a video.  Each week, with Mom close by, he'd go out in front to watch the truck and crew, mesmerized by what, for a 5-year old, was, likely, the largest machine in his world.  A few days ago, outside watching like normal, one of the crew approached and asked the Mom if they could give her child a present.  Mom agreed, and the man, then, pulled from a plastic bag, a brand new toy garbage-truck. You can just imagine the joy felt by that young boy.  Kindness from a couple of guys who cared enough about a youngster, who cared about them.  Their gesture, a special gift from the heart, taking place, as it did, on Valentine's Day.

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