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Facebook community helps orphaned twin foals

(Source: Melissa Anderson/WTOC Sonny Dixon Facebook page) (Source: Melissa Anderson/WTOC Sonny Dixon Facebook page)

Facebook users are working to help twin horses who are without their mother.

The story quickly went viral within hours when Sonny Dixon was posted this on his WTOC Facebook page on Tuesday morning:

"I quickly posted this this morning on WTOC Sonny Dixon, just before I ran out the door for a busy morning. Now I see it was shared 367 times - with a great many replies. It looks like everything that can be done is being done. Just thought more people might want to know how those who love horses ... all animals really ... stepped up to render aid - or prayers.

Horse people....please read this....
"Twin foals born tonight in Claxton are in critical need of a nursing mare after the mother did not make it. She delivered two healthy twins but the Mare was not able to make it. Both twins are in desperate need of a Nursing mare or donkey. Twin foals are very rare and their chances of survival are extremely slim. Please share our story and help us save these two fillies. Born at 9 pm tonight in Claxton. 912-314-0625."

That's when the Facebook community went to work to find a mare to nurse the twin foals. Beth Dillard, of Claxton, is the owner of the horses. The stronger foal is in Vidalia nursing with a mare. The weaker foal is now going to Ellabell to nurse with a mare there after trying to nurse with a donkey, which didn't work. 

Just before 4:15 p.m., the original post has more than 600 shares and more than 50 comments. Melissa Anderson even posted a photo of the horses in the comments.

Several people such as Hoofs 4 Health and and Riding on Faith are being contacted thanks to the Facebook community! Karrie Griffin-Henry even went there to help out.

As the comments continue to grow on the original post, Sonny posted this update: "WTOC Sonny Dixon Thank you TO EVERYONE! I was rushing to scheduled activities this morning and had little time to do anything but post this here. It's the first time I've been able to check back - and am heartened to see so many people trying to help these little ones."

Check out the conversation on the WTOC Sonny Dixon page and the WTOC Facebook page.

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