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Project DeRenne meeting upsets Hampstead Avenue residents


A move to get traffic moving on DeRenne Avenue has peoplewho live nearby upset.

Tuesday night a public meeting for Project DeRenne, a $70million venture to clear up the notoriously congested Savannah street, washeld.

The idea of Project DeRenne is to add a traffic circle onMontgomery Street, to widen Hampstead Avenue and to add a connecting road fromHampstead to I-516.

Hampstead Avenue residents learned tonight that the projectwill reroute tens of thousands of cars to their street.

"Our neighborhood is relatively quiet right now," saidresident Melissa Bates. :And he's talking about that's going to triple of evenquadruple, and that's major for a neighborhood, and most of these people havelived here longer than I've been alive."

Nearby residents said they understand the need for theproject, but they want the city to compensate them for an altered neighborhoodand property values they think may shrink.   

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