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Local woman kickstarts green eating campaign

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

When it comes to saving the world, it seems like an awfully large task and one too big for a single person.

But one local woman is doing that by literally breaking it down into bite-sized pieces.  

Put a little more thought into what you put in your mouth and Gina Murphy-Darling says you can save the world, and yourself.

She's launching a kickstarter campaign to tell everyone all about it: "You can change your health, the health of the family and the planet by making healthier choices with food."      

Murphy-Darling, known on the radio as "Mrs. Green," has a show about global sustainability. The show she's starting links that to your health, showing how going green is also anti-illness.

It's a big topic she's making bite-sized.

"You literally bring it to what they are putting on their fork and they start thinking 'OK, I can control that,'" she said.

"Curb carbon emissions by shopping at a farmers market; fight obesity by avoiding processed foods; eat seasonally and stop scarcity issues."

The money raised from her kickstarter campaign will fund a podcast.

See the kickstarter campaign and the entire program here.

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