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Rare twin foals born in Claxton struggling to survive


Horse lovers across the Coastal Empire are pitching in to try and save a pair of rare twin horses.

Experts put the likelihood of a mare giving birth to live twins at about one in 10,000. Horses aren't built to carry twins, and the birth took their mother's life.

The 3-day-old fillies' chance of survival is slim, and their owner and caregiver is looking for a nurse mare to help them survive.

"Today would not be soon enough," said Melissa Anderson, who is helping her best friend, Beth Dillard, care for the horses.

By phone, an equine veterinarian in Charleston has been walking Anderson and Dillard through bottle-feeding.

"We were clueless," Anderson said.

The brown foal is getting better, but the white one is wasting. The veterinarian has told them if the fillies make it two weeks, they can start to hope they'll survive.

The brown foal was born in better health but also is nursing from a surrogate mother. That mother already has her own baby, though.

"That mare already has her existing foal, no room for a third one there," Anderson said.

The white foal is taking a bottle, but the fake stuff is no substitute for a mother's milk. A Vidalia farm tried to donate a mare, Gracie, to feed that white filly. Her milk seemed to be doing the trick, but Wednesday night, she dried up.

Now Anderson and Dillard are trying to find another mother.

"The twins will pull one mare down," Anderson said.

Donations are being accepted to help cover the veterinarian's cost to care for the horses.

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