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Nursing mare critical for twin horses' survival


The weaker of twin horsesthat are less than a week old that was showing signs of improvement overnight,but is in a bit worse shape now as of early Friday evening.

The twin horses were bornfour days ago. Their mother did not survive. Their owner and caregiver werelooking for a nurse mare to help them survive. Experts put the likelihood of amare giving birth to live twins at about one in 10,000.

A nursing mare theybrought on Friday is kicking at the horses and people that are trying to milkher. They are considering going to the veterinarian to get a sedative to calmthe nursing mare down and milk her that way.

However, they are looking foranother nursing mare. It has to be a horse as other animals weren't cutting it.They are picking up a new nursing mare later Friday afternoon, but are stilllooking for a second just in case this mare rejects the horses as well.

The brown foal was born inbetter health but also is nursing from a surrogate mother. That mother alreadyhas her own baby, though.

The white foal is taking abottle, but it's no substitute for a mother's milk. A Vidalia farm tried todonate a mare, Gracie, to feed that white filly. Her milk seemed to be doingthe trick, but Wednesday night, she dried up.

Melissa Anderson, who ishelping her best friend Beth Dillard, care for the horses that were born inClaxton, said Thursday night went well for the horses.

The weaker twin was getting horsesupplements since the mare wouldn't nurse.

Anderson said that if anothernursing mare isn't found Saturday that one of the younger horses will notsurvive.

Donations are being accepted to help cover the veterinarian's cost to care for the horses. See this page for a link to the fund-raising website to help the horses.

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