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Hundreds take advantage of free dental Care


For most of us standing in line usually means a payoff like a roller coaster ride, not a visit to the dentist. But that is exactly what hundreds of East went through for free dental care March first.

We visited Dr. Steven O'Neal who opened up his office on a Saturday to give back to the community.

This is pretty much the first time Dr. Steven O'Neal has opened on a Saturday, but not to the general public, and not for money. You have to have a ticket given out Friday at Bethesda Health Clinic for an appointment, which is just what Clint Ervin did.

"It'll help me out," Ervin said.

His aunt, Dora Bell was there to make sure he got home okay.

"He's going to have some pulled, and he'll probably see if he can get a partial or something like that because when they made his partial it made his mouth stick out too far," Bell revealed.

Clint also has sensitivity to cold.

Dr. O'Neal will do what he can to help. This is not the good doctor's first rodeo. He's volunteered before, but this time he opened his office and brought in the whole crew.

Steven just thought it would work out better this way because:

"I'm left-handed so it's easier for me just to have everything set up," O'Neal said.

The more comfortable he is, the more patients he can help, like Clint. And, since Clint's mouth was preoccupied, his aunt thought she'd say it for him:

"Thank the people that are doing it, I thank them. I didn't think a dentist would be open on a Saturday," Dora Bell said.

So Dr. Steven O'Neal is not that different from the rest of us in that he works to pay the bills, but today he pays the bills to work to give back to a community that has given so much to him.

Bethesda Health Clinic's free dental care takes place every other year, but they do offer a discounted dental service for those who qualify year round.

This year they helped over 400-people.

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