Celebrating Dr. Seuss's 110th birthday in Savannah

Celebrating Dr. Seuss's 110th birthday in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In honor of Dr. Seuss's 110th birthday the Savannah Children's Museum held a fun-filled celebration this weekend.

The Savannah History Museum and the Whistlestop Café also got in on the fun.

There were Seuss-themed activities including story time, special exhibits, and even a chance for visitors to chow down on some Green Eggs and Ham.

Organizers say this is a great way to celebrate the iconic children's author.

"Well, it's such a big deal reading and getting kids reading young. Dr. Seuss is such an influential part of that, and I mean every generation has read his books and every generation grows up on them. So, it's really important that we keep that going."  said Maureen Martin, assistant manager of Savannah Children's Museum.

The Seuss fest wrapped up on Sunday, but there are always new events to check out. For more information visit the Savannah Childrens' Museum's website or Facebook page.

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