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Long County citizens voice concerns about bombing range expansion

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Long County citizens met Tuesday at the courthouse to voicetheir concerns and disappointment in how the United States Department ofDefense is handling the expansion of the Townsend Bombing Range.

The DOD said there will be no funds allocated to assist thecounty in lost revenue.

With no major industry and the loss of timber taxes from theabsorbed property, residents will have an additional tax burden placed on them.

"We want to go on record and say this is not going to workfor us," said retired County Commissioner Danny Norman. "It may work somewhereelse, but we have 258,000 acres in the county and 70,000 is off the tax digest,and there is no economic benefit to any of it of the property that is takenoff. We're just trying to look for alternatives. That's what it amounts to."

People at the meeting said expansion of therange will also affect commerce for the county and emergency evacuation fromthe coastal areas will be impaired.

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