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Tonya Dasher speaks about fugitive husband

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Fugitive Chad Dasher is believed to be back in Glennville afterbeing on the run for more than a month.

He's become a local legend for his ability to out run thelaw. It all started when he cut a hole in the roof of the Tattnall County Jailon Jan. 24 and climbed out with child molestation suspect Raymond Smith.

Smith was caught in Texas on Valentine's Day, the day Dasher'swife said she last heard from him. 

Glennville Police found the Toyota Sequoia Dasher isbelieved to have stolen in New Hope, AL.

Dasher's wife heard through this small town's grapevine thatDasher had been home in Glennville for two weeks.

She said she also learned that her husband is back on crack-cocaine.

Chad Dasher has three sons aged 11, 13 and 16. They wererelieved when they heard news reports that their father was in Alabama. Before,they didn't know if he was alive or dead.

"It's like my middle son told me today, ‘I wish hehadn't done what he did. At least we could've seen him on the weekends. Hecould call, write letters. Now we can't do any of that,'" said TonyaDasher.

Tonya Dasher said her husband isn't violent, that he's agood man, a good dad.

When he's clean.

"He wouldn't hurt anybody," she said. "He wouldn't hunt.He would never go hunting because he didn't want to kill nothing."

Chad Dasher's 43-page rap sheet isn't violent. It's full ofdrug charges and thefts his wife said supported his habit.

Right now authorities say he's stealing to stay free.

"He could be anywhere in the country," said Tattnall CountySheriff's Office Capt. Kevin Keyfauver. "There'sno telling."

His family didn't know he was in Glennville until last nightwhen Chad Dasher showed up at a friend's house.

"He was in his kitchen doing dishes and he just turnedaround and tapped on the window, and there he is," said Keyfauver.

That friend called the police, and that's when Dasherditched the SUV.

His wife laughs at the notion that he'd be hiding out athome.

"I told the law I'd be the last person he'd come andseen because he probably would've been afraid of what happened," she said.

She said her biggest fear comes from a statement her husbandmade; the law won't take him alive.

"Please come home," she pleaded. "We'd rather the kidssee you and talk to you on the phone, by letters or whatever. Even if it isthat you are locked up, at least you're safe, and they know you're safe. Andthey still can have a future with you that way."

Chad Dasher also eluded authorities in 2012 and was on therun for weeks before deputies finally caught up with him.

Authorities have asked anyone who sees Dasher to call 911 orthe Tattnall County sheriff's office.

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