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College Board announces changes to SAT

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The College Board announced Wednesday the first major changes to the SAT exam since 2005.

One of the most noticable changes is the scoring will return to the 1600 scale from the current 2400 one. Overal, it's redesiging the test to better reflect a student's readiness for college and career.

The redesigned SAT is moving away from superfluous and ostentatious vocabulary that students honestly may never need to use.

The exam will have three sections.

Evidenced based reading and wrting using source documents from a variety of different subjects, including science and social studies, there's optional essay and a math portion.

Students wont lose points for a wrong answer but will only earn points for a correct one. Lastly, the test will be offered in print or on the computer.

"I think it's a good move. I think we are getting into more evaluating and testing a student without testing a student. we want to know what you can do verses what you know necessarily," said Wade Wright, Assistant Principal of the Savannah Christian Preparatory's Upper School, overseeing mainly testing and accountability.

It's a redesigned exam that educators feel will test less of a students testing ability and more of their skills and knowledge, some even saying the new test is trying to close the gap between its thriving counter part, the ACT.

"It sounds like the SAT is trying to get closer to what the ACT does and have set readiness skills and bench marks so yes it could increase the usefulness of it," said Wright.  

Another major part of the announcement is to providing outreach to low and middle income families. The changes include providing those eligible with four free waivers for college applications and creating free SAT prep materials.

The new changes will take effect in 2016.

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