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Asked and Answered: Pet grooming policies

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If your pet is injured at the groomer's, do you know yourgroomer's pet injury protocol?

A WTOC viewer wrote about a terrible experience she had andasked what should pet groomers do?
There is the right thing to do and the wrong thing to if your dog or cat getsnicked, scratched or worse at the groomer which would require medicalattention.

The viewer who contacted us said her dog suffered an injuryat a local grooming location and was not contacted.

Her pet was taken without her permission to a vet severalmiles away from the grooming location.

What should have happened? We went to Top Dog Grooming Spain Berwick Plantation. They haven't had to deal with a situation like this oneyet, but in their experience at other groomers, they've seen mistakes happen.

It can be a nightmare if the proper policy is not followed. TopDog's Mechhele Thompson said letting the owner know what is going on makes themmore comfortable, puts the owner at ease and gives them the option of whatneeds to be done.

"First thing we would do is call the parent and letthem know what is going on and find out if they have a vet of their choice. Ifthey do, we'll go there and let the vet know we are coming. If they don't, wewould go to the nearest vet," said Thompson.
In our viewer's case, the owners of the grooming location in question ended uppaying the vet bills and apologizing and said the workers didn't know theproper policy.

The bottom line is, groomers should always call the petparent first and to be on the safe side, provide emergency information and avet's name and number if something does happen.

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