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Uber plans to move into Savannah market for St. Patrick's festival

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As taxi cab companies get ready for St. Patrick's Day, including inspections, licensing and expanding their fleet, a new competitor is trying to enter to market.

Uber is making it's plans well known. Uber is a company using an app allowing you to request black car service at the touch of a button. However, it may not be so easy for Uber to pass Savannah's regulations.

This is a battle the company is currently fighting in the state capitol of Georgia, and across the country. Now, their efforts to recruit drivers for St. Patrick's Day revelers may have come across a big bump in the road, namely getting licensed by the city of Savannah.

Uber is currently spreading the word via social media and on Craigslist, advertising for drivers wanted. The problem is an issue they've faced in many large cities: how should they be regulated? Are they treated like cabs and limo drivers?

The city of Savannah seems to think so, but the people behind Uber say they should have no problem driving in and picking up people who need a ride at the touch of a button.

Uber told WTOC Friday the paperwork has all been filed with the city and will talk more about it next week.

However, the city of Savannah said not so fast. They city tells WTOC have not, never have and still have not received formal communicationsor any business filing from Uber to operate here, and never reviewed anytype of application from the company. Citystaff did "review" the software app as part of their research into the company,in the sense that folks looked into how it worked and read the website. Thiswas after the Craig's List ads for drivers appeared, since Uber was an unknownentity and unfamiliar business model for Savannah.

Uber is already in more than 100 cities, but it's also faced many challenges, including taxi cab protests and whether or not they need to be regulated, which is what Georgia is debating right now.

City officials said they'll have more to say about Uber's planned Savannah move and what they decide next week. It does not sound exactly like a green light here.

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