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Veterinary training hosted at Bethesda Academy

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Bethesda Academy hosted FortStewart's 82nd Civil Affairs Battalion for Veterinary Training.

The 82nd Civil Affairs Battalion aimsto conduct veterinary and agriculture infrastructure support in host nations ina variety of environments and economies.

In order to prepare for thesemissions, Capt. Mary Avriette, 82nd Civil Affairs Battalion veterinarian, recentlybrought a group of ‘Warrior Diplomats' of the 82nd Civil Affairs Battalion fora hands-on training workshop.  

"We're thrilled to help supportthe military's critical veterinary training efforts," said Brian Byrne, Director,Bethesda Academy Farm & Gardens, in a statement. "This unique partnershipoffers our military a chance to work directly with the livestock they willencounter during their missions. In addition, our 9th grade students were alsoon-hand to benefit from this exclusive training opportunity and were able tolisten to the heartbeats of unborn goats in the womb."

Theycovered many topics, including the proper trimming of goat's hooves, assessmentof overall health and fitness of goats, sheep and cattle and livestock handlingtechniques and interaction methods.

Capt. Avriette has conducted veterinary training operationsall over the world in host countries and most recently returned from Juba,South Sudan in December 2013.

Her team worked directly with theSouth Sudan's Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries and the Sudan People'sLiberation Army during a two-week operation.

The operation was to enhance SouthSudan's veterinary capabilities. They vaccinated thousands of cattle, goats andsheep against multiple diseases.

"Our main goal of these exercisesare to help build enduring civilian-military relationships and help trainothers in livestock production," said Capt. Mary Avriette, 82nd Civil AffairsBattalion veterinarian, in a statement "Having healthy livestock means betterproduction of meat, milk and fiber which can then be sold for profit to helpincrease the standards of living, thereby supporting the economic and politicalstability of host nations around the world."

Future training workshops are planned for March and May atBethesda Academy.

The workshops will includeinstruction on proper livestock vaccination techniques, tagging of animals,pest management and birthing of baby goats.

For more information, pleasecontact Andrea Dove, director of development and marketing at Bethesda Academy,at 912.644.4376 or email at

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