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WTOC Exclusive: Victim in Dosha Nightclub shooting speaks out

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For victims of violent crimes, sometimes the worst wounds are the ones you don't see.

Nychovia Morell, 19, was caught in the crossfire in a shooting outside Dosha Nightclub on Savannah's Broughton Street in the early morning hours of Feb. 23.

"I really don't know like, how to feel," she said, "cause I have a son, you know, and I could've been gone, over some foolishness that I didn't have anything to do with."

The bullet was a .45 caliber, shot at close range.

"I have no idea who it was or why," she said. 

It pierced her arm right beside the tattoo Morell has of her 2-year-old son's name and birthday. She was walking to the car with her sister and cousin when she heard the shots.

"Before I could run, like, I was already shot," she said.

In the chaos, she was separated from her sister and cousin.

"I started feeling my arm burn, and I felt the blood dripping down, and I saw it all over my shoes. So I ran back to the club thinking they were that way. Then some boy pushed me against a wall and told me I got shot," she said.

Morell said the scariest part was being alone. She kept trying to call her sister.

"I was screaming and crying and telling her I just got shot, and that's when she started crying, and I could hear them running around the corner but the police wouldn't let them come to me," she said.

Morell lives in Effingham County. It was her first-ever night out at a club. She says Dosha's doorman checked her ID and let her in, even though she's underage.

 "I'll go to the mall or something, but as far as going downtown, I don't think I'll go back," she said.

This isn't the first time a fight at Dosha has ended with an underage victim shot in the street outside.

In January, an18-year-old soldier was caught in the crossfire of an apparent gunfight. 

Two men were arrested in the shooting that injured Morell. 

The person who shot that soldier still hasn't been found. 

Right now, Dosha is shut down, pending a hearing in front of the Savannah City Council. 

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