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Prepare to lose your snooze


It is time to spring forward and set your clocks ahead but for most folks, losing an hour of sleep is hard to adjust. Sleep specialist, Dr. Anthony Costrini, says one of the best ways to minimize the jet lag feeling is to have good sleep habits to begin with.

According to the Better Sleep Council, more than 60 percent of adults feel the effects of daylight saving time after springing forward.

 "Most people feel like are drug out, they feel like their sleep wasn't refreshing," said Dr. Costrini.  

 For some, daylight saving time is the most dreaded time of the year.  A Better Sleep Council survey says nearly 30 percent of Americans would pay $100 to get back that extra hour of sleep.

 "Most Americans are sleep deprived so this just contributes to their sleep deprivation," said Costrini.  

Constrini says there are ways to combat the problem:

1. Set a regular sleep schedule for yourself.

2. Don't drink alcohol at night or take sleeping pills because it can make it worse.

3. If you are still having trouble, take Melatonin, a vitamin that helps you sleep.

4. Expose yourself to sunshine in the morning

"A lot of folks say they are going to try to go to bed an hour earlier but they end up forcing their sleep pattern," said Costrini.

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