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WTOC Senior Active: Bud Porter

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Bud Porter has shared a lot of memories at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum.

"What I do here is talk about my combat experiences," said Porter, who gives tours at the Mighty Eighth. "And I don't have to make up any stories. I just have to tell them what happened."

But the World War II gunner had a chance to relive memories last Monday when workers installed the ball turret, the same kind he sat in for 11 combat missions,  on the museum's B-17.

"Flying in that ball is the ultimate flying experience, because you're in the sky all by yourself. You can't see your crew, your crew can't see you,'' said Porter, who was trained as a radio operator but assigned to a crew as a gunner. "I can't say I wasn't scared, because anybody who is not scared in combat has got to be almost dead.  To be honest, as long as they weren't shooting at me, I enjoyed it."

Porter enjoyed seeing the turret work completed, and more history being preserved at the Mighty Eighth.

"It gives me goose bumps, to tell you the truth, because I spent many an hour in that turret myself,'' he said. "So this for me is a very exciting day."

The 93-year old has had a lot of them at the museum, in what he calls a second career as a tour guide.

"I've been involved with the museum ever since they started to talk about it," said Porter. "That's even before they drew a shovel of dirt. So I've been here right from the very beginning."

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