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Editorial - 3/10/14

Retired Air Force Brigadier-General, Steve Ritchie, Vietnam War Ace, and  one of the most decorated pilots in Air Force history, remembers the dramatic rescue of  Roger Locher, a veteran American pilot, who was shot down during that war, deep within  enemy territory.  For 3-weeks, his fellow flyers picked up no communication from Locher, leading them to conclude he'd been killed or captured.  Then on Day 22, from his hiding place on the ground, finally came his call for assistance.  Next-day rescue  plans were quickly put into place.  But due to heavy anti-aircraft fire in Locher's vicinity, sadly our aircraft were forced to withdraw.  Time, now, was even more critical because, with his radio contact, now the enemy, too, knew about where he was. Then command courage took over.  Two top generals, Air Force and Army, scrapped normal, next-day missions, choosing, instead, a powerful-plan to go get our pilot.  Over 150 aircraft took on this rescue mission, air cover and ground-attack to silence those gun emplacements, all protecting the courageous helicopter crews, who dropped down low to hoist our pilot to safety, preventing his imminent capture by the enemy.  "An incredible, total, joint-force victory, against all odds, with no losses," remembers General Ritchie. Who went on to underscore (quote): "The effort to which we will go, the resources we will commit, the risk we will take, to rescue one crew-member, one American."

Compare that, if you will, with the effort we didn't make, the resources we didn't commit, and the risk we didn't take, to rescue those four brave Americans left, to be murdered, in Benghazi.  No real attempt made, by the Executive Branch, still preferring to cower behind the blatant lie of a video. Glaringly inept, with fortitude squelched by politics, leaving patriotic Americans angered, and still stunned in disbelief.

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