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Will rideshare program be gone before it even begins?


The city of Savannah is sending a message to the people behind the rideshare app Uber. The city let Uber know they are aware of what the service is planning and that is not something which fits in their current ordinance.

As matter of fact, the city hasn't even heard from Uber yet. They just saw their advertising and social media campaign and by word of mouth.

"We have inspectors out and police officers who are looking for that - any driver - not just from Uber- who is operating a taxi not under our regulatory system will potentially face fines, subpeona into court or other penalties," said Sean Brandon, of the city of Savannah.

Ddespite what Uber told me Friday, the app company has not applied or a license or spoken with them or had any correspondence.

If Uber tries to conduct business in Savannah, the brakes will be put on them - fast. But they welcome the company into Savannah - if they want to talk - and work within city rules.

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